4G Static Caravan / Park Home / Lodge System
Don’t rule yourself out just because your phone has no service. 
Our high power 4G antenna is ideal for installation in rural areas where the 4G signal is weak or non-existent.
All systems come with a virtual survey, showing mast locations for all obtainable operators and surface elevation calculation to ensure line of sight. Please contact us before making your purchase. 
Wall and pole mounting hardware are included. 
If you find that your static caravan, park home or lodge is in a location where a WiFi connection is unobtainable from the club house or reception area, a 4G solution is a great alternative.
Our 4G Static Caravan Package consists of a factory unlocked 4G router which will take any data SIM card of your choice paired with an external, weatherproof 3G/4G antenna.
The 4G Router is powered via 240v, 3 pin mains which then creates a WiFi hotspot for you to connect your multiple devices to wirelessly.
The External Antenna will provide you with a better 3/4G connection, which can be up to 5 x what your mobile phone can receive on its own. Simply screw mount onto an external surface or pole mount for the best performance using the brackets supplied.

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